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As several times in the past, three players were signed on free transfer, among them the Austrian national Stefan Ilsanker. [139] RB Leipzig made only few transfers during the winter break. Its executive body is the Vorstand, the management board. The decision was considered merciless by some media. Sommer Neuzugang: RBL verpflichtet Nkuku", "Nächster Sommer-Neuzugang: RBL verpflichtet Lookman", "Sechster Sommer-Neuzugang: RBL verpflichtet Philipp Tschauner", "Transfermeldung! Once it became clear to the Hamburg side that the company had plans that went far beyond conventional sponsoring, it immediately ended the contact, and the question never even made it to the club management. [326][327] The action later led to a police investigation, for a possibly dangerous interference with traffic safety and for the imprint. [268] In October 2014, the club also entered into promotional agreements with Hugo Boss, Porsche as youth sponsor, and Volkswagen for stadium commercials. [25][41][43][50] The last team from Leipzig to do so was VfB Leipzig in 1903.[6]. Bundesliga player Timo Rost from Energie Cottbus in January 2010. Source: Bundesliga, The Bundesliga schedule was announced on 28 June 2019. Founded 2009 Address Neumarkt 29-33 4109 Leipzig Country Germany Phone +49 (341) 124 7970 Fax +49 (341) 124 79711 E-mail soccerrbl.office@redbulls.com The company planned a takeover, with a change of team colours and of club name. FC Nürnberg, TSV 1860 Munich, 1. A maximum of five fan representatives are elected by the representatives of the supporter groups, two additional fan representatives are elected by the general assembly. [21] The plans became public and it was revealed that the company wanted to acquire more than 50 percent of the shares. [30][43] Negotiations between Red Bull GmbH and Michael Kölmel began directly at the club's founding. At the end of the year, RB Leipzig confirmed its ambitions to gain promotion, by signing Brazilian midfielder Thiago Rockenbach.   Loss, Last updated: 27 June 2020. [6][30] Michael Kölmel had previously also been involved in local football himself, as a sponsor of FC Sachsen Leipzig. [366] The President of the DFB Wolfgang Niersbach said in 2014, with reference to the traditional clubs in Leipzig: "If the big traditional clubs have not managed to establish a serious way back in professional football for years and decades, then nobody should complain if a different approach is taken and this also leads to success". In return, the team was joined by Diego Demme from SC Paderborn 07, Federico Palacios Martínez from VfL Wolfsburg, Mikko Sumusalo from HJK Helsinki and Georg Teigl from FC Red Bull Salzburg. The club entered a cooperation agreement with the supporter organization Fanprojekt Leipzig in 2013, and the club also has a dialogue with the fan representatives of the supporter union Fanverband RB Leipzig Fans. [339][340][341] Before the away match against Karlsruher SC on 9 March 2015, several supporters of RB Leipzig received letters, indirectly threatening them with violence if they decided to support their team in Karlsruhe. Terrence Boyd received the jersey of Zlatan Ibrahimović from Paris Saint-Germain after the match. FC Magdeburg, which ended 2–1 for RB Leipzig. RB Leipzig was eliminated by FC Augsburg in the first round of the 2013–14 DFB-Pokal on 2 August 2013 after losing 0–2 at the Red Bull Arena. Their first Bundesliga home match was played on 10 September 2016 versus Borussia Dortmund in front of 42,558 spectators. The incumbent chairman, Andreas Saldo, left the club in January 2010[52] and the position was assumed by the former Hamburger SV sporting director and incumbent sporting director for the common Red Bull football commitment Dietmar Beiersdorfer. The training center was to be located at Cottaweg, partly on the area of the naturally protected riparian forest Leipziger Auwald and the site of the traditional fair Leipziger Kleinmesse. Hertzsch ended his professional career after the 2010–11 season, but went on to join the reserve team, RB Leipzig II, and the RB Leipzig business operation. [300][314], At some occasions, the protests have turned into violence and threats. [118][119] During the pre-season 2015–16, RB Leipzig defeated Southampton 5–4 in Bischofshofen on 8 July 2015,[120] and Rubin Kazan 1–0 in Leogang on 12 July 2015. [238] Before the home match against SpVgg Greuther Fürth on 3 August 2015, Red Aces again asked for permission to display a banner against Legida, with the text "Ligaspiel und Legida – der Montag ist zum Kotzen da". [143] But with only three matches left of the league season, the distance had shrunk to four points. Firecrackers and other objects were thrown at the police, and four police officers were slightly injured in the turmoil. Such investment would thus be risky. It is an umbrella organization for official fan clubs, unofficial fan clubs and other supporter groups. No team from the city had played in the Bundesliga since 1994,[24] and no team had played in a professional league since 1998. According to the study, RB Leipzig now ranked third favourite team in Saxony and Thuringia, only surpassed by FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. [208] RB Leipzig and the city of Leipzig later announced that the club was going to invest in an area of 92,000 square meters. RB Leipzig also has a minor ultras scene with groups such as Red Aces and Lecrats. The second leg was played on 2 June 2013 and ended 2–2 after two goals to RB Leipzig during extra time. ... RB Leipzig full-back Angelino has had a hand in six … The crowd number set a new record for a Saxony Cup final, breaking the previous record from 2011. Liga aller Zeiten", "RB Leipzig siegt im Test gegen Premier-League-Team Southampton", "RB Leipzig schlägt Rubin Kasan – Russen sehen zweimal Rot", "RB Leipzig gewinnt Test gegen Hapoel Tel Aviv", "DFB ermittelt nach Spielabbruch bei RB-Leipzig-Spiel in Osnabrück", "Pokalspiel zwischen Osnabrück und RB Leipzig abgebrochen", "Keine Wiederholung: Abgebrochenes Pokalspiel wird für Leipzig gewertet", "Sportgericht wertet abgebrochenes Spiel mit 2:0 für RB Leipzig", "Leipzig verzichtet zugunsten von Osnabrück auf 20.000 Euro", "RB Leipzig unterstützt Flüchtlinge und spendet Geld", "Spieler von RB Leipzig spenden Kleidung für Flüchtlinge", "Spenden aus dem Kleiderschrank: Profis von RB Leipzig helfen Flüchtlingen", "RB Leipzig spendet Kleidung für Flüchtlinge", "RB Leipzig lädt Flüchtlinge zum Heimspiel ein", "RB Leipzig lädt Flüchtlinge zu Paderborn-Spiel ein", "450 Flüchtlinge besuchen das Heimspiel von RB Leipzig", "0:3 in Unterhaching: Leipzig scheitert im Pokal kläglich", "RB Leipzig gewinnt in Sandhausen und ist Tabellenführer", "RB Leipzig stürmt an die Zweitliga-Spitze", "Nürnberg dreht Spitzenspiel gegen RB Leipzig", "Leipzig zieht mit Spitzenreiter Freiburg gleich", "Orbans Platzverweis kostet Leipzig den Sieg", "Aufstieg geschafft: RB Leipzig macht seine Fans glücklich", "Aufstiegsfeier Ralf Rangnick: "Heute sind wir alle zusammen Leipzig, "Ralf Rangnick hat Markus Gisdol als neuen Trainer bei RB Leipzig im Auge", "RB Leipzigs größtes Problem verschärft sich", "Hasenhüttl oder doch Favre? The team was received before the celebration by Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung. Also, several players left the team, among them Lars Müller, Sven Neuhaus, Thomas Kläsener and Nico Frommer, all participants in the previous Saxony Cup final. The organization carries out a variety of recreational and educational activities, including sporting activities, creative projects, readings and discussions and educational programs. On 5 March 2015, RB Leipzig met VfL Wolfsburg in the third round of the 2014–15 DFB-Pokal. The honorary board is elected directly by the club members at the general meeting. As a consequence, the club had now played four matches without a win and had lost contact with the top placed teams. His parents had met in a refugee camp at Glauchau, his father had fled from Königsberg and his mother from Breslau. [256] By 2014 the registration fee for membership stood at 100 euros[250] and the annual membership fee at 800 euros,[257] in comparison to Bayern Munich who, by that time, offered membership at annual fees between 30 and 60 euros. Bundesliga season. Bundesliga (II) as the first team since the introduction of the 3. And this is not the only price for failure. [35] Dietrich Mateschitz said in 2013 that the only difference between RB Leipzig and FC Bayern Munich was one hundred years of tradition, and that in five hundred years, RB Leipzig will be five hundred years old and FC Bayern Munich six hundred years old. [18], A new established club would need teams and a playing right. The main areas for the organization are promoting a positive supporter culture, violence prevention, help for young supporters in problem situations and establishing communication between all parties involved, such as supporters, clubs, police and law enforcement. [20][27] In the beginning of 2009, Red Bull GmbH contacted the Saxony Football Association (SFV), to find out about the procedure to establish a new club in Saxony. Defender Tim Sebastian, who had been in the team since 2010 and who had once served as captain, left to join SC Paderborn, and midfielder Zsolt Kalmár left to join FSV Frankfurt on loan. [27] Borussia Dortmund chairman Hans-Joachim Watzke and Eintracht Frankfurt chairman Heribet Bruchhagen warned in 2013 that clubs backed by major companies or financially strong patrons could pose a threat to the entire Bundesliga, talking of a "clash of culture". Bundesliga together. Fanprojekt Leipzig is part of a network of similar Fanprojekts in numerous German cities. The supporter union was founded in 2013. ", "Lösung für Fußball-Fanprojekt in Leipzig – Stadt will für Übergangszeit neue Stelle schaffen", "Zwei Jahre Fußball-Fanprojekt der Outlaw gGmbH in Leipzig", "RB Leipzig und seine Fans "Verstehen, was in der Kurve läuft, "RB Leipzig darf nur mit neuem Wappen in Liga zwei", "RB Leipzig: Kalmar kommt, Gremien neu strukturiert, Derby gegen Aue unter Flutlicht", "RB Leipzig erfüllt Lizenz-Bedingung mit neuer Führungsebene", "Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB) § 56 Mindestmitgliederzahl des Vereins", "Warum RB Leipzig nur neun Mitglieder hat", "2. Their central idea was described as "Rasenballismus", stressing the Leipzig identity and the importance of impassioned fans. [250] In contrast to all other association football clubs in Germany, there is no official way to become a voting member of RasenballSport Leipzig e.V. FC Nürnberg in third place. It is also subordinated to the Aufsichtsrat, the supervisory board. On 18 July 2014, the team defeated Paris Saint-Germain 4–2 in front of 35,796 spectators and 150 accredited journalists at the Red Bull Arena. The club wants to build an additional pitch to the south of the training center. [91] On 15 May 2014 a compromise was announced. [76][77], By finishing the season in second place, RB Leipzig won promotion to the 2. [213] Involved in the project was the Dortmund based architect Christoph Helbich, who had previously been involved in the building of a new training center for Borussia Dortmund. [20], Last updated: 18 August 2020Source: Competitions. [348] Dietrich Mateschitz said in 2009 that the sports commitment of Red Bull GmbH was indeed different from the sports commitments of other companies. [358] In an interview with German newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung in 2013 he further said: "It is not about a race, to arrive as soon as possible in the Bundesliga with as many mercenaries as possible, but about healthy development and healthy growth. [60] The first team played its last game at the Stadion am Bad six days later on 30 July 2010, a friendly match against Hertha BSC, which ended with a 2–1 win for RB Leipzig. Moreover, the club became patrons of the initiative "Willkommen im Fußball", giving refugee children the opportunity to play football. Critics have been found both in the management and among coaches and supporters of other clubs. Also sporting director and head coach Ralf Rangnick participated in the donation, with personal concern for the commitment, citing his own background as being a child to refugees. The stadium operator decided to support the initiative and agreed to switch off the lighting. [114][115][116], The signing of Davie Selke was record breaking, being the most expensive player ever signed in the history of the 2. RB Leipzig defeated 1. In return, a supporting member receives certain privileges such as a meeting with the professional team and a fitness session at the Red Bull Arena. He said that he hoped for high class football, and that it would have earned the whole region and East Germany. ", "RB Leipzig: Antirassistische Spruchbänder im Stadion unerwünscht", "RB Leipzig verbietet erneut antirassistische Plakate", "Sind bei RB Leipzig Antirassismus-Banner verboten", "RB Leipzig verliert auf St. Pauli 0:1 Niederlage am Millerntor", "Auswärtsserie trotz Top-Chancen gerissen! Reconstruction could start over the summer break of 2016. The club spent an estimated sum of approximately 12 million euros on new players during the summer of 2014. He said that decisive would be what the club could offer its fans, and that if the model works, it would be beneficial for all football, not only for football in East Germany. [296], Source: UEFA.com, Last updated on 8 December 2020. [300][301][302][303], Following that RB Leipzig gained promotion to the 2. [244][245][246] More than 7,000 supporters attended away matches in Dortmund, Munich and Berlin, with a one-year record at the away match in Berlin, when 8,500 supporters of RBL had gathered to watch their team qualify for the UEFA Champions League. In addition, the RB Leipzig formed a stadium ban commission, in which Fanprojekt Leipzig provides advice to the club. [47] The acquisition was urged by the Saxony Football Association (SFV), in order to prevent a migration of talents. [136] After defeating SV Sandhausen 2–1 away at the 13th matchday on 1 November 2015, RB Leipzig stood at first place in the league. In addition to the domestic league, RB Leipzig participated in this season's edition of the DFB-Pokal, and also participated in the UEFA Champions League. The 2013 Saxony Cup final against Chemnitzer FC on 15 May 2013 at the Red Bull Arena was attended by 16,864 spectators. Rumors spread that the company wanted to rename the club "Red Bull Düsseldorf" or similar. However, RB Leipzig were defeated by Bayern Munich 3–0. Red Bull advertising boards at the Stadion am Bad in Markranstädt was smeared with graffiti and the pitch was purposely destroyed by a weed killer.

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